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Zero to Dangerous

Zero-to-Dangerous helps you accomplish your wildest professional goals while reclaiming time, space and freedom in your personal life.

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Achieve Balance

Are you struggling to balance your lofty professional goals with your family life, health and internal wellbeing? We've combined the most powerful elements of executive coaching with scientific research and cutting edge digital delivery to produce a powerful solution.

The real problem is everything, everywhere, all the time:

The average knowledge worker is only productive for 2.3 hours per day
Every week, they spend half a day duplicating work they did the week before
They check their email 36 times per hour
They’re interrupted 56 times per day
They waste 36 hours in unnecessary meetings a month

Most devAstating of all:

The average knowledge worker is interrupted every 11 minutes (and it takes up to 23 minutes to get back into focus after a disruption).

In Zero-to-Dangerous, you’ll reclaim your attention and prioritize flow. From there, it's possible for you to achieve more in the next year than what some achieve in their entire career.

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The modern workplace steals your attention and undermines your best intentions at every turn. But your attention is your access point to peak performance.

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“If I had taken this workshop ten years ago, it would have saved me so much time, money, pain, and aggravation. I’m pissed I didn’t do this earlier! It’ll probably end up adding millions of dollars to my career.” - Tucker Max

4x NYT Bestselling author and CEO of SCRIBE

Zero To Dangerous is a neuroscience-based peak performance training for entrepreneurs and leaders struggling with distraction, self sabotage, and uncertainty.

The Fundamentals

How Does Zero to Dangerous Work?

Zero to Dangerous has three main elements that help you achieve your goals.

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Daily Content & Exercises

Over eight weeks, you’ll master the world’s most cutting edge, science based strategies for achieving peak performance in business and life. Our framework will help you produce real results fast—freeing up time, reducing overwhelm and spending your entire workday in flow!


Intimate EXPERT Level Coaching

You’ll work one on one with an expert level psychologist or neuroscientist coach over eight weeks. All of our coaches are world leading experts and will push you to where you want to go—and far beyond.


Lifetime Group Coaching & Community

Every week, our expert level coaches facilitate live group coaching sessions. Imagine being plugged into a community of peak performing business leaders who provide you with accountability, support and feedback. You’ll have lifetime access and all time zones are accommodated.

"This showed me that 80% of my work was sabotaging the 20% of my effort that was producing almost all of my results! They showed me how to drop the 80% of effort that was suppressing my performance and slowing me down. The changes I made are allowing me to write my next book in a fraction of the time!" -  Vishen Lakhiani

Founder & CEO, Mindvalley, Author of The Code of the Extraordinary Mind

What Results Should I Expect From Zero to Dangerous?


Laser-Like Clarity

About where you're going in life and business, and exactly how to get there.


Diamond-Like Adaptability

Let pressure, adversity and uncertainty forge you into a stronger leader.


Become Recession-Proof

Spend your entire work day in flow and become 500% more productive.


On-Demand Flow States

Stay hyper-focused and say goodbye to the distractions of technology and trivial nonsense


Become Fully Present

Remove self-sabotage, urgency, and overwhelm so you can be present with those who matter to you.


Free Up Your Time

So you can have more space to think, develop skills, and pursue your passions


Rockstar Resilience & Recovery

To become that person who’s always in a state of calm, unflinching, ruthless effectiveness

“My productivity leveled up so fast that I got the exact career opportunity I’d been looking for, before I finished the training! It did what it promised faster than I could've imagined. It’s really amazing!” - Sean McCormick

Host of the Optimal Performance Podcast with Natural Stacks

Zero to Dangerous is for you if...

You’re a skilled professional with great ideas and bold goals. You’re driven, disciplined, and creative. You are familiar with flow states and committed to performing at your absolute peak

You’re tired of the always-on, crazy busy, chaotic pace of the 21st century and you want to graduate to a new, smarter way of living and working

You identify as a high-performer... but you know the way you're working isn't optimal. Something is missing, and you don't want to leave results on the table

You’re tired of the always-on, crazy busy, chaotic pace of the 21st century and you want to graduate to a new, smarter way of living and working.

What Others Say About Training With Us

Will it Work for Me?

Zero to Dangerous is based on cutting-edge research done by some of the world’s leading academic institutions.

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500% Increase in executives’ productivity.

3 days of heightened creativity after the flow state

+490% faster skill acquisition

+430% increase in creative problem solving

Proven Results:

Clients trained by our coaches.
Average performance
Of clients recommend our training to a friend.
hours per week claimed back by clients from across the globe

Thoughts on Our Thought Leadership:

Ray Kurzweil

Google Director Of Engineering

“A game-changing account of the secrets of ultimate human performance—a must for anyone interested in seriously raising the level of their game.”

Elon Musk

Tesla, SpaceX, and Boring Company CEO

“Essential for anyone looking for a better tomorrow.”

Michael Dell

CEO, Dell Computers

“Inspiring, filled with incredible insights… a practical how-to game plan for going big and impacting the world.”

Bill Clinton

Former US President

“A visionary roadmap for people who believe they can change the world.”

Anousheh Ansari

CEO, XPRIZE; 1st Private Female Astronaut

“Mindblowing. Deep lessons about all of the extraordinary opportunities before us!”


Artist, Producer, and Musician

“Every entrepreneur and leader needs to understand the transformation and opportunities to plan and prepare. The future is faster than you think.”

Tony Robbins


“Required reading for anyone who wants to surf above the tsunami of change.”

the Zero to Dangerous curriculum:


Cultivating Flow & your dangerous mindset

In this week you’ll learn how the world’s most successful people think and see reality. You’ll also learn the neuroscience behind flow states so you can begin recreating them in your own life.


Welcome to Zero to Dangerous

Over eight weeks, you’ll master the world’s most cutting edge, science based strategies for achieving peak performance in business and life. Our framework will help you produce real results fast—freeing up time, reducing overwhelm and spending your entire workday in flow!


The Difference Between Zero & Dangerous

A statistical breakdown based on cutting-edge research of what “average” performance looks like versus “elite performance”. This will allow you to self-identify on the spectrum and see how far you have to go.


The Four Fundamental Elements

You’ll learn the four fundamental elements that underscore the mindset of the world’s most successful people. You’ll also learn how to make them your own.


Truth Filters, Discernment & First Principles

You’ll learn the four fundamental elements that underscore the mindset of the world’s most successful people. You’ll also learn how to make them your own.


The History of Peak Performance

A comprehensive breakdown of the lineage of research Zero to Dangerous has emerged from. This will improve your retention as you’ll have the background for all of the ideas we’ll cover.


Flow & Its Triggers

Here you’ll learn about what flow states actually are, along with how to trigger one.


The Flow Cycle

Here you’ll learn about the four stage flow cycle and how to build it into your own life so you can rapidly shift from flow to recovery and back.


Becoming a time jedi & Battling Cognitive load

In this week we’ll shatter any preexisting notions you have around the concept of time. Then we’ll rebuild your perception of time from the bottom up so that you can unlock time abundance once and for all.


Redefining Productivity Through Leverage

The mainstream definition of productivity is shockingly flawed. Here we’ll redefine the term so you clarify your thinking an action and unlock true productivity. 


Shattering The Myth Of Time

Time is a beast that is forever difficult to tame. Here we’ll re-install a whole new belief system about time so you can achieve permanent time mastery. 


Liberation Through Elimination

If you follow the steps in this video, and take action, you will reduce time spent doing things you don’t want to do by at least 25%. Bold claim, but we stand behind it. 


Liberation Through Simplification

Here you’ll learn why simplification is a ferocious competitive advantage untapped by the masses. You’ll also takes steps to simplify every element of your existence so you can harness the power of simplicity. 


Liberation Through Automation

Henry Ford once said “Man minus machine is a slave. Man plus machine is a free man”. Here you’ll learn how to unlock time, energy and attention by doubling down on those things you’re humanity makes you uniquely good at—while outsourcing everything else to technology. 


Liberation Through Lubrication

Most of us underestimate the power of “friction”. Here you’ll learn how to use friction to unlock a state we call “superfluidity”—where the entirety of life takes on an effortless nature. 


Assembling Your Flow Container

We’ll go deep into the power of Parkinson's law and have you cut your workweek down to 50% of the hours you currently work. All the while boosting your output. 


Reclaiming Sanity With Burnout Proofing, Recovery & Sleep

This week you’ll evolve into an executive athlete. That means learning how to sleep better than you ever have, dialing in your recovery practices and making yourself immune to burnout. 


Cycling Flow To Become An Executive Athlete

The ultimate blueprint to leave the ranks of the average knowledge worker so you can join the “executive athletes” and enjoy the benefits that this style of work brings. 


The Little Known Art of Burnout Proofing

Turn’s out burnout is a well researched topic. Here you’ll learn the six triggers for burnout, and how to reduce your susceptibility to each of them. The end result? Making yourself permanently immune to burnout. 


Sleeping Your Way To Self Actualization

The way you’re sleeping is blocking you from unlocking your potential. Likely in a way that’s much more severe than you think. Let us help. 


Becoming A Disciple Of Sleep

Here you’ll learn the 16 science backed action steps to sleep better than you ever have before. 


Hacking Struggle & Regulating Stress

Some stress is a good thing. Chronic stress is poison. We’ll teach you how to achieve the perfect level of stress for elite performance and flow. 


Saying No For Flow

Peak performers know how to set boundaries to protect their time, energy and attention. Doing so requires some serious skill in the art of saying no. We’ll show you exactly how to say no. 


The Myth Of Rushing

Do you like being in a rush? If so, skip this module. If not, then we’ll show you how rushing is a cognitive fallacy and how to stop if forever. 


Optimizing Your Physiology With Positive Psychology

In this week we’ll teach you how to get your biology to work for you, not against you. You’ll master the non-negotiable habits that science says every human being needs to be performing to max out performance. 


Surrendering To Your Biology

As a human being there are certain non negotiable things you have to do to perform at your best. Here you’ll learn what they are.


Fueling Your System

Here we’ll teach you the three fundamentals of health to cut through the noise. We’ll also give you a ruthlessly efficient way of discerning what supplements are worthwhile. Oh—you’ll also learn how to achieve permanent hydration. 


Mastering Your Meat Suit

Most people believe they think with their brains. That’s false. Our entire bodies contribute to the nature of our thinking. We’ll show you how to improve your performance by tapping into “embodied cognition”. 


Gratitude To Win

Gratitude makes your brain work better. You’ll learn the most effective gratitude practices along with a big, uncomfortable gratitude challenge. 


High Performance Mindfulness

We’ll define mindfulness with a level of simplicity you’ve likely never encountered before. Then we’ll teach you a multitude of approaches to improving mindfulness. Meditation is only one option. 


Relationships As Oxygen & Attitudinal Contagion

Turns out the classic self-help saying that “you’re the average of the five people you spent the most time around” has a neuroscientific basis. We’ll teach you the exact steps needed upgrade your peer group (joining Zero to Dangerous will help you do this anyway). This intervention is shockingly potent. 


The When Of Peak-Performance

Here you’ll learn about the four stage flow cycle and how to build it into your own life so you can rapidly shift from flow to recovery and back.


Waging War On Distraction & Overwhelm

This week is where you steal your sanity back from the technological overlords. We’ll be helping you undo the brain melt and stimulation dependency. All so you can unlock a laser like focus so powerful you’ll have to be careful where you look. 


Fighting 21st Century Brain Melt

Modern day life is breaking most people’s brains. We’ll show you what this looks like neurophysiologically—along with how to protect yourself. 


Overwhelm Assassination

The outcome here is simple: a step by step system to avoid overwhelm. Right now and forever.


Battling Distraction & Defending Attention

You’ll learn how to barricade yourself from the litany of distractions coming your way. Why? So you can experience a laser like focus you never knew was possible. 


Severing Technologies Attention Tentacles

The exact settings to put your smartphone and laptop on to optimize yourself for flow states. Along with the best tech tools peak performers use to squeeze more out of their time. 


Escaping Technological Slavery

This module will provide a detailed roadmap for exactly how to interact with your technology. The goal being to teach you how to drop off your tech, without becoming cut off. 


Assembling Your Temple of Flow

A satisfyingly straightforward module: every ingredient you need to build a working environment that’s optimal for flow. From the lighting to the desk setup. 


Taking Stock On Your Danger

As you can see, you’re going to cover a TON. Heren we’ll take stock and make sure you’ve fully on track and seeing stellar results. 


Limitless Motivation, Pristine Clarity & Flowy Execution

This week will involve you finding that electricity running through your veins level motivation that fuels the world's top performers. You’ll also learn the keys to 10xing what you currently get out of a workday.


The Formula For Limitless Motivation & Momentum

Ever wondered how so people have that never ending “electricity running through their veins” level motivation? Here’s the playbook to achieve that for yourself. This will be ultra helpful if you’ve got a transition coming up in life. 


Trigger Neuroscience & Autonomy

The deep science of what triggers a flow state. Along with a roadmap to deploy these triggers. Oh, and a roadmap for impenetrable freedom in life (turns out this is called autonomy and also triggers flow).  


Clear Goals & The Challenge Skills Balance

Two of flow’s most powerful triggers. You’ll learn how to harness these everyday to drive yourself into wildly deep, long flow states. Consistently.


Unlocking Pristine Clarity

Not 100% sure where you want to go in life? Or what your next steps are? That’s a shame because it’s likely blocking you from flow. We’ve got a pretty damn effective solution for you. 


Asymmetric Warfare, Power Moves & Extreme Intentionality

We’ll bet you’ve encountered some blisteringly effective people in life. This video will show you exactly how they set up their workday to achieve intimidating effectiveness. 


Calendar Worship & Time Tracking

You’ll learn how to set up your calendar optimally. Why? So you can sit back, relax and know that if you knock out what’s on your calendar, day after day, you’ll end up where you want to be.


Bedtime Flow & Wake Up Flow

The step by step morning and evening routine, backed by science, and optimal for flow. Along with action steps so you can implement it immediately.

WEEK Seven

Building A High Flow Lifestyle

By now, you’ll have a lot of the peak performance tools under wraps. Here we integrate it all so you can start to live at the upper edge of your potential. All the time. We’ll make this a new normal for you.


The What The Hell of Flow

After all the learning you’ll have done by now, we’re going to revisit the basics with another deep dive into flow science. This time in a little more detail. 


Flow Cycle 1: Struggle & Release

Mastering the flow cycle is a crucial component of Zero to Dangerous. This module will show you exactly how to master the first half so you can plunge yourself deep into flow on demand. 


Cycle 2: Flow & Recovery

The second half of the flow cycle. Here you’ll learn how to elongate your flow states and recover rapidly on the backend. All so you can get back in again. 


Leaning Into Your Strengths & Invisible Skills

We advocate a strengths first approach to performance. You’ll discover what you’re most lethal, hidden strengths are so you can begin to build your work and life around them. The result will be more fun, more flow and a hell of a lot more success. 


Becoming A Feedback Fiend

Without feedback you can’t access flow and you certainly can’t improve. Every system needs feedback to become better. We’ll show you why resistance to feedback is self sabotage. Then you’ll learn the four steps to gather feedback constantly.


The External Triggers & VUCA For Flow

Volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity are a struggle for most people. For people who understand neuroscience, they’re a potent way of accessing powerful flow states.


Group Flow & The 80/20 of Emotional Intelligence

Here you’ll learn about the four stage flow cycle and how to build it into your own life so you can rapidly shift from flow to recovery and back.

WEEK Eight

Sustaining Peak-Performance Forever

Most performance programs result in a short spike in performance for two to three months. Then behavior returns to baseline. Zero to Dangerous strives for the opposite. Your results should compound aggressively over the long term. This week shows you how. 


The Dark Side of Flow & Self Sabotage

A journey into the most common forms of self sabotage engaged by peak performers. This module will likely be confronting. It should be equally liberating. 


The Art of The One Day Month

Does what it says on the tin. Here you’ll learn how to get done in one day, what currently takes you a month. 


Forging Unstoppable Grit

The science of grit, along with a playbook to help you become ferociously gritty. 


The High Flow Blockers

The most common blockers of peak performance, simplified and turned into an actionable checklist. No more getting stuck with dips in your performance. 


The High Flow Checklist

The whole of Zero to Dangerous reduced down into one simple checklist you can monitor every week and day to ensure you’re on track. 


Gamifying Elite Performance

Gamification is a powerful tool to drive behavioural change. You’ll learn why and be given a “gamification map” to deploy immediately in your own life. 


The Art of Impossible

A reminder of what’s possible for you. Along with a detailed, one on one breakdown of all of your results through Zero to Dangerous (and how to ensure you keep rising up from here on out).

FAQ on Zero to Dangerous:

Is Zero to Dangerous an online training?

Zero to Dangerous is fully digitally delivered. That means you can do it from anywhere. However, it’s nothing like your usual “online course”. Most online courses have a 3% completion rate. Zero to Dangerous has a 90%+ completion rate. This is because it involves live engagement with incredible experts and leaders from all across the world. It’s not just a big, empty video library.

What is the Flow Research Collective?

The Flow Research Collective is a peak performance research and training institute. On the research side, we’re partnered with universities like Stanford, UCLA, USC and institutions like Deloitte, attempting to understand what happens in the brain and body when human beings are performing at their best. On the training side, we build training programs that help business leaders improve their professional performance by accessing flow states more consistently. 

What’s the purpose of “booking a Peak Performance Strategy Session” for Zero to Dangerous?

One of the important features of Zero to Dangerous is the group coaching and online community. What makes this so great, is that everyone in Zero to Dangerous is an inspiring, mission driven leader. The application process allows us to curate this kind of community and ensure it’s a good fit for both sides. 

When does Zero to Dangerous start?

You can join as soon as you’re accepted into Zero to Dangerous after your strategy session. However, we do reach coaching capacity at times, so if you’re interested, we recommend you apply right away.

Why does Zero to Dangerous exist?

As far as we could tell there is no science backed training that teaches business leaders, all the skills needed to unlock sustained peak performance and flow. Zero to Dangerous fills that void.

Where does Zero to Dangerous happen?

The whole training is delivered through our world class learning management system. This means you start the course at the top, and everything from the coaching sessions to the videos to the exercises, are laid out simply for you. No hunting for links or trying to find times!

Tell me how Zero to Dangerous works one more time… 

Sure. There are three components and they happen in parallel. First, eight weeks of daily video content and exercises. Second, one on one coaching with an expert performance coach every other week for eight weeks. Third, lifetime access to weekly group coaching with the rest of the Zero to Dangerous community. 

Who teaches the video content in Zero to Dangerous?

The content will be taught by both Steven Kotler, 4X New York Times bestselling author and world renowned peak-performance expert and Rian Doris, Kotler’s Co-Founder here at the Flow Research Collective. You’ll love their complimentary styles!

About Steven Kotler

Director of The Flow Research Collective

“It’s my attempt at condensing everything I’ve learned over my thirty years researching flow.

You’ll master the neuroscience-backed approach I’ve used to educate over a hundred thousand people on flow and train organizations like Google, Accenture, and Morgan Stanley.”

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