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Scott Rowley

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Scott is a high-performing professional obsessed with peak performance and adventure. He is fascinated by the intersection of nature, flow state, and leadership.

Scott’s life and career have been heavily influenced by the mountains. He grew up skiing and climbing peaks in the Pacific Northwestern United States, including skiing off the summits of major volcanic peaks in the Cascade mountain range. His fascination with the mountains and peak performance led him into becoming a sponsored ski athlete and later into mindset and business coaching where he coached U.S. Olympic Ski and Ice Climbing athletes, entrepreneurs, and high-performing professionals. His passion for adventure has taken him around the globe on some epic adventures including a month-long solo trek to Everest base camp in Nepal where he shared time with people from around the world, helped save a man with high altitude cerebral edema, and climbed multiple peaks over 18,000 feet.

Scott is an Eagle Scout and Wilderness First Responder who is often coined as an ‘adventure leader’ amongst his friends and family. He takes pride in the lessons of leadership, planning, team work, decision making, perseverance in adversity, and wilderness survival that the outdoors and mentors taught him. He translates his growing experience and lessons from adventure into building successful high-performing teams in business.

He has a BS in Entrepreneurship from Oregon State University and studied International Business at Lund University in Sweden.

Scott worked in both the corporate and start-up arenas for the last decade where he supported scaling businesses ranging from pre-revenue up to $50M. He is driven by his purpose; to use his leadership skills and passion for adventure to help improve the performance and lives of individuals, teams, and organizations.

When not interacting with clients at FRC, or leading his internal team; you will find Scott investing in his own personal and professional growth, planning his next expedition in the mountains deep into the backcountry, or relaxing by a mountain lake in Montana to get some active recovery with his beautiful wife.

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