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Juli is a peak performance coach with over 20 years’ extensive experience providing mindful leadership, strategy planning, organizational development and coaching in her many roles across multinational companies like MetLife, Hewlett Packard, ETrade and CBM. Wearing the many hats of director, program manager, coach, and mom, she honed in on a relentless passion for growing people; with a signature willingness to listen, problem-solve when asked, and an unending desire to champion success.

Leading and facilitating teams of 25-100 people led her to obtain coaching certifications – highlighting her commitment to ongoing education and role modeling the necessity for peak performance when mastering one’s craft. Though traversing many leadership roles and accomplishing acclaimed business results, she intentionally took time out to homeschool her son (hardest job ever), adding innovative dimensions to the learning process that we often lose sight of in adult professional learning and development. The experience led her to jump full-time into coaching where she felt she had the greatest impact with business professionals transitioning into new roles, tackling leadership challenges and inspiring big personal changes.

Juli holds certifications in SHRM-CP, Scaled Agile Framework and is currently tying the final bows on her ICF PCC accreditation. She holds an MBA from University of California-Davis and BA from Pepperdine University. Currently residing in Raleigh, NC with her husband and son, she loves spending quality time with them in nature and (on occasion) speed biking down steep hills for flow-y thrills. 

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