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Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman

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Scott Barry Kaufman, Ph.D., is a humanistic psychologist exploring the depths of human potential.

He applies the latest science of human development, personality, and positive psychology to help all people self-actualize in their own style.

Dr. Kaufman’s coaching style incorporates unconditional positive regard to help you accept the totality of who you are so that you can become who you truly want to become.

Dr. Kaufman has taught popular courses on intelligence, creativity, and well-being at Columbia University, NYU, the University of Pennsylvania, and elsewhere.

He hosts the #1 science podcast in the world—The Psychology Podcast— and is author and/or editor of 9 books, including Transcend: The New Science of Self-Actualization, Wired to Create: Unravelling the Mysteries of the Creative Mind (with Carolyn Gregoire), and Ungifted: Intelligence Redefined.

In 2015, he was named one of "50 Groundbreaking Scientists who are changing the way we see the world" by Business Insider.

Dr. Kaufman wrote the extremely popular Beautiful Minds blog for Scientific American for close to a decade and is still a regular contributor to Scientific American’s op-ed section. Work with Dr. Kaufman if you want to infuse more exploration, love, and purpose into your life.

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