Dr. Michael Mannino

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Dr. Michael Mannino

Key Facts


Michael has a Masters in philosophy, specializing in philosophy of mind, consciousness, and science. He has also worked on issues in ethics and moral reasoning, causality, and philosophy of religion. He has been a professor of philosophy and critical thinking for 10 years.  

He recently completed his PhD in neuroscience and complex systems, studying networks of the brain, involved in perception, working memory, and attention. Michael is also an amateur athlete interested in peak performance, cognitive enhancement, the intersection of neuroscience and fitness, and the relationship between mind and body, and has studied and investigated flow science for many years.

Primary Flow Activities:



-Hand balancing


-Doing science

Favourite Books:

Demian — Herman Hesse

Darwin's Dangerous Idea — Dan Dennett

The Singularity is Near — Ray Kurweil

The Demon Haunted World: science as a candle in the dark — Carl Sagan,

Leaves of Grass — Walt Whitman

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Dr. Michael Mannino


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