Leadership as Behavior with Coby Karl, Rich Diviney, and Dr. Sarah Sarkis

Coby Karl, Rich Diviney, and Dr. Sarah Sarkis
by Flow Research Collective
April 17, 2024
Coby Karl, Rich Diviney, and Dr. Sarah Sarkis

This episode of Flow Radio is a masterclass on leadership best practices, featuring three very special guests: Retired Navy SEAL commander and bestselling author Rich Diviney, Philadelphia 76ers assistant coach Coby Karl, and veteran performance psychologist Dr. Sarah Sarkis. This episode is a must-listen for anyone who wants to learn how to lead teams that consistently outperform and out-innovate the competition. how to lead teams that consistently outperform and out-innovate the competition.

In This Episode:

0:00 Introduction

04:35 Defining leadership

11:05 Leadership as Behavior

26:13 Dynamic Subordination in High-Performing Teams

30:55 Lessons from Phil Jackson and Dennis Rodman

39:11 Defining Leadership Expertise

49:00 The Role of Flow in Leadership

57:44 Attunement and Shared Experience in Leadership

1:16:53 Balancing Training and Education in the Business World

About the Guests:  

By day, Dr. Sarah Sarkis is a licensed psychologist, a certified executive coach, and the senior Director of Performance Psychology at Exos. Occasionally, you’ll also find her moonlighting as a writer and keynote speaker. 

Dr. Sarkis has spent 20-plus years in the trenches, exploring every corner of the human psyche. Her passion and focus these days is working with CEOs, athletes, professional coaches, and other executives striving to achieve moonshot dreams. In a nutshell, she considers herself a human performance hybrid: part shrink, part coach, part Jedi of the unconscious. 

Dr. Sarkis has been a featured guest on many popular podcasts, including The Gabby Reece Podcast and LinkedIn Live. She is also a regularly featured SME in publications such as CNBC, Women’s Health, The Huffington Post, and the New York Times.

Rich Diviney, a bestselling author, leadership expert, and retired Navy SEAL commander, brings over two decades of exceptional experience to the stage. Over the course of a 20-year career, he completed more than thirteen overseas deployments and served in multiple leadership positions, to include being the officer in charge of an extremely specialized SEAL selection process, curating the most elite performers through a specialized selection process.

Coby Karl is an Assistant Coach for the Philadelphia 76ers. Starting as a Seattle Sonics ballboy to becoming an NBA player, he's spent a lifetime learning the game and how to lead a team. His experiences helped him coach the Delaware Blue Coats to win their first NBA G League title in 2023. Coby learned to lead with compassion and thoughtfulness from his mentors, icons like Phil Jackson and his dad, George Karl.

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