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In this enlightening episode of Flow Research Collective Radio, host Ryan Wilkes, Chief of Staff at FRC, joins forces with Steven Kotler, Executive Director of Flow Research Collective, to engage in a profound discussion with Dr. Michael Gervais, a world-renowned high-performance psychologist. The conversation delves into the intricate relationship between personal identity and performance, shedding light on how individuals and organizations can transcend traditional paradigms of success.

Dr. Gervais, whose expertise spans across various high-performance domains, shares invaluable insights from his new book, "The First Rule of Mastery: Stop Worrying About What People Think of You". He explores the concept of 'performance identity', illustrating how societal pressures often tether our sense of self-worth to our achievements. Kotler and Gervais candidly discuss their personal journeys, revealing how they navigated the challenging waters of professional and personal expectations.

A key focus of the episode is the transformative power of purpose-driven identity. Dr. Gervais emphasizes that true mastery and fulfillment stem not from external validation but from aligning one’s actions with deeper, intrinsic values. This shift from performance-based to purpose-based living, although challenging, paves the way for more authentic and sustainable success.

Listeners are treated to a rich tapestry of anecdotes, scientific insights, and practical wisdom. The episode does more than just inform; it invites a reevaluation of one’s approach to performance, success, and life. It's an essential listen for anyone aspiring to break free from the constraints of societal expectations and embark on a journey towards genuine self-mastery and fulfillment.

Remember to subscribe, share, and leave your feedback for the Flow Research Collective Radio. Dive into Dr. Gervais’s work through the resources linked in our show notes. Join us next time as we continue to explore the depths of human potential on Flow Research Collective Radio.


The First Rule of Mastery: Stop Worrying About What People Think of You.



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Steven Kotler, the founder and executive director of the Flow Research Collective, is one of the world’s leading experts on human peak performance. He is an award-winning journalist and an author with over ten bestselling books.

Some of his works include: The Art of Impossible, The Future is Faster Than You Think, The Rise of Superman, Stealing Fire, and so much more! Look out for his latest upcoming book, Gnar Country: Growing Old, Staying Rad, where he debunks the old myths about aging and how you can boost your longevity through flow!

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