Episode 8

Unblocking Self Sabotage With The Real Life Psychologist From TV Show Billions

In this episode:

About the episode

If you’ve seen the TV show Billions, you’ll know the character Wendy Roades. She’s the mindset coach for the Billionaire hedge fund manager, Bobby Axelroad. If you haven’t seen Billions, well it’s worth at least watching the first episode! 

Anyway, the producers of Billions based the character Wendy Roades on a real-life performance coach to financiers and hedge fund managers. Her name is Denise Shull, and I’m joined by her today. 

Denise is an expert in neuroeconomics, the founder of the ReThink Group and the author of Market Mind Games, which explains the deep psychological influences that can cripple Wall Street traders. 

In this episode, we talk in depth about Denise's style of coaching, the kinds of psychological blockages she helps her clients overcome, and how you can apply similar practices at home to unstick your own psychology and break self-sabotaging patterns. 

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • The Field of Neuroeconomics (6:00)
  • Anticipation & Performance (6:54)
  • Awareness of what you feel (12:00)
  • Kinds of physiological blockages (18:39) 
  • How to break self-sabotage patterns (26:30)
  • Billions & Wendy Rhodes (31:50)
  • Journalist exercises & book recommendations (41:14)

About the guest

Denise Shull is a performance coach who uses neuroeconomics and modern psychoanalysis in her work with hedge funds and professional athletes.

She is also the founder of The ReThink Group. Shull focuses on the positive contribution of feelings and emotion in high-pressure decisions.

She is the author of Market Mind Games, which explains how Wall Street traders act out Freudian transferences in reaction to market moves.

Shull postulates that human perception contains fractal elements in the same manner as the fractal geometry of nature.


Book: Market Mind Games by Denise Shull
Web: The ReThink Group
Twitter: Denise Shull

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