The Attributes The World's Leading Performers All Share

Simon Sinek and Rich Diviney
by Flow Research Collective
August 1, 2023
Simon Sinek and Rich Diviney


In this episode, you will learn about:

  • The difference between skills & attributes (4:10)
  • Can attributes be trained? (6:38)
  • Team attributes (8:11)
  • Learnable skills vs. self-motivation to improve an attribute (10:31)
  • The difference between athletes & SEALs (12:57)
  • Micro and macro flow states (15:27)
  • Useful attributes in different environments (16:26)
  • Hyper-vigilant states (19:01)
  • The 5 main ideas of The Infinite Game (20:18)
  • Skills are finite (23:21)
  • Is there a number for attribute development (25:18)
  • Can we underpin attribute development? (27:23)
  • Organizations that are designed to cultivate attributes (31:05)
  • The real SEAL training (34:11)
  • Blind positivity & optimism (39:22)
  • The Bannister effect (40:09)
  • The difference between impossible & improbable (44:08)
  • What happens when the impossible becomes possible? (48:23)
  • What attributes should we develop? (49:58)


Simon Sinek: Simon is an unshakable optimist. He believes in a bright future and our ability to build it together. Described as “a visionary thinker with a rare intellect,” Simon has devoted his professional life to help advance a vision of the world that does not yet exist; a world in which the vast majority of people wake up every single morning inspired, feel safe wherever they are and end the day fulfilled by the work that they do.

Simon is the author of multiple best-selling books including Start With Why, Leaders Eat Last, Together is Better, and The Infinite Game.

Rich Diviney: Rich lives to discover, inspire, and accelerate the potential of human beings. Rich draws upon 20+ years of experience as a Navy SEAL Officer to give participants the foundational understanding and tools to unlock their greatest potential.

Since his retirement from the military in 2016, Rich has worked with Simon and his team to help leaders and organizations create environments where people feel valued and free to explore their potential. He speaks about the qualities of high performing teams and how to build them, as well as the important relationship between trust and performance.


Simon Sinek

Rich Diviney

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