How To Tackle Impossible Challenges

Steven Kotler
by Flow Research Collective
August 1, 2023
The Art of Impossible is a collection of Steven's research and explains how flow fits into peak performance.
Steven Kotler

In the last couple of weeks, we have seen our community become super excited about Steven’s new book, The Art of Impossible.

It is coming out in less than a month and this is why we have decided to go deep on the topic of achieving the impossible on this podcast once again.

This is a turning tables episode, where Steven is interviewed by Marc Champagne from the podcast Behind The Human.

This interview kicks us off with Steven explaining how he got into flow research via action sports but then he highlights that peak performance goes way beyond action sports. He goes into innovation, companies - and punk rock.

From there Steven shares how his personal history is intertwined with the advancement in flow science and how he ultimately concluded that we have to get down to neurobiology if we want to understand flow, and quite frankly, peak performance and achieving the impossible in general.

Make sure to stay until the end where Steven shares his personal peak performance routine. 

Marc has been a great host and asked interesting and detailed questions to Steven. I am sure you will love this episode.


In this episode, you will learn about:

  • Flow research background (5.37)
  • Let’s talk about neuroscience (8:19)
  • What happens when you drop into flow? (9:41)
  • The Art of Impossible (12:37)
  • increasing the amount of flow in your life (14:06)
  • Heightened creativity & Flow (15:55)
  • How to train flow (17:08)
  • How does your biology work (17:56)
  • Intrinsic motivation & Goals (19:13)
  • What does flow amplify? (21:29)
  • Living with passion and purpose (23:42)
  • Positive psychology basics (27:16)
  • The importance of gratitude (31:13)


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