Pushing Limits With Flow

Dr. Michele Ufer
by Flow Research Collective
August 1, 2023
Flow is a kind of altered state of consciousness where we absolutely focused on what you do. You're so focused that any other thing just gets out of your mind. There's no negative thinking, things are working, you're working like on autopilot.
Dr. Michele Ufer

Today’s guest is a treat and a true flow scientist. And I am not just saying that: Our guest Dr. Michele Ufer is a runner, performance coach, and researcher that studies all things flow. 

Recognizing, testing, and overcoming limits – that’s what Dr. Michele Ufer is all about.

As a scientist he researches the subject of limits, as a successful extreme runner he tests his research on his own body, and as a coach, he has the expertise gained from 20 years of professional experience.

What skiing is for Steven, running is for Michele.

He has written 6 books on hunting flow, some in English, many of them in German. One of his German books is called “flow hunter” which we find a pretty cool name for all of us flow hackers and impossible seekers.

In this episode, we hear how he defines flow, how self-talk impacts the challenge skills balance, and lots more.

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • The 250 k race in the Atacama Desert (4:35)
  • Michele’s journey into research (11:00)
  • What is flow? (14:14)
  • Mental training (15:35)
  • Self-hypnosis (18:02)
  • The right techniques to get into flow (18:32)
  • The top golden motivational tip (20:46)
  • Michele’s coaching protocol (21:19)
  • How to achieve peak performance (24:44)
  • The power of self-talk (27:26)
  • Self-talk and the challenge skills balance (31:31)
  • Michele’s mental training (38:38)
  • The power of flow (43:47)


Dr. Michele Ufer is an internationally sought-after expert in sports and management psychology and a successful ultrarunner. 

As speaker, coach, and mental trainer, he motivates athletes, executives, and other high performers, promoting top performance. As a runner and someone who pushes his own boundaries, he is attracted by challenges beyond the marathon distance or at great heights. 

Whether it’s a desert, rainforest, Himalayas, or the polar circle, Michele Ufer is at home on the most extreme running tracks. He has regularly achieved top 10 ratings.


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