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Our peak performance training is designed to help entrepreneurs, leaders and knowledge workers perform better than ever, under any conditions.

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If you are looking to live and work in the zone for the long-haul, our practical masterclasses will give the tools to achieve your best performance yet.


The 4 Keys To Eliminating Friction

Discover The 4 Keys To Eliminating Friction In Your Work And Life For Total Peak Performance And Flow

In this free masterclass — ‘The Four Keys to Eliminating Friction’, you’ll learn the tools needed to reach a state called “superfluidity”, where you’ve optimized your entire life for maximum time spent deep in flow.
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Passion Recipe

A 5-Step Science-Backed Model To Help Your Clients Discover Their Purpose & Access Flow States

For coaches or service providers: Master a cutting-edge science-backed protocol to help your clients unlock the flow state. The ‘Passion Recipe’ will teach you the science and exact step by step methodology needed to coach your clients to discover their passion and access flow states consistently.
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Masterclass on Leverage

A “Peak Performance Paradigm” To Accomplish More In One Day Than Most Do In A Week!

Discover how mainstream “hustle and grind” productivity pits you against your own biology and stops you from making progress toward your vision. In this masterclass, you'll learn 8 simple ways you can immediately create more leverage in your life (with real world examples).
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