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Calling All High-Performers: This Neuroscience-Backed Productivity Training Reveals…

The “Peak Performance Paradigm” You Can Use To Accomplish More In One Day Than Most Do In A Week!

Discover How You Can Do More, Work Less, and Achieve Your Impossible Goals In A Fraction Of The Time!

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Inside This Breakthrough Training, you’ll discover:

  • How mainstream “hustle and grind” productivity pits you against your own biology and stops you from making progress toward your vision.
  • 8 simple ways you can immediately create more leverage in your life (with real-world examples to help you implement them fast).
  • Step-by-step how to run the 35-hour workweek “Leverage Experiment” (without risking your career or business to do it).
  • The “Leverage Gap” that paralyzes would-be peak performers (and how to leap over it step-by-step)... and much, much more!

What People Say About Trainings At The Flow Research Collective

“The value was much greater than the money I paid for it. Simple as that. I’m not someone who normally spends a lot of money on myself but it was 100% worth it.”

— Zach Labri
“The value was so huge. My productivity levelled up so fast that it produced major new career opportunities which meant I couldn’t even finish the training! It literally did what it promised faster than I could finish it. Amazing stuff.”

— Sean McCormick, Host of the Optimal Performance Podcast with Natural Stacks

“This will probably end up adding millions of dollars to my career. I know it’ll make me happier, reduce friction in my life and improve my output. I’m pissed I didn’t do this earlier. If I had taken this ten years ago, it would have saved me so much time, and money, and pain and aggravation.”

— Tucker Max, 4 x NYT Bestselling Author & Founder of Scribe
“When you get into Flow you’re more creative, you draw more conclusions between things, you see patterns that you wouldn’t otherwise see. It has literally given me more of my life back!”

Nichol Bradford,Executive Director & Co-Founder of the Transformative Lab & Conference
"Steven is the author I’ve read more than any others over the past five years. His training will speed up your progress by months!" 

— Vishen Lakhiani, Founder and CEO of Mindvalley, Author of NYT bestseller The Code of the Extraordinary Mind

About The Host Of This Training

Rian Doris is the co-founder and CEO of the Flow Research Collective, along with Steven Kotler. The Flow Research Collective is the world's leading peak-performance research and training organization.

Rian has also led a number of research initiatives with Dr. Dan Siegel, Prof. of Psychiatry at UCLA, in collaboration with Imperial College London, the University of Southern California, University of Zurich, and Claremont Graduate University.

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