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Client Success Stories

Study the results that past clients achieved with High Flow Coaching
(Previously known as Flow Trainer Accelerator)

Rick Petry

Rick Petry is a management consultant focusing on leadership and organizational culture. He also serves as a career coach for lawyers prioritizing well-being.

High Flow Coaching enabled him to

  • Understand and teach the neuroscience behind flow states.
  • Coach his clients to implement effective protocols for high performance as well as recovery practices.
  • Improve his personal productivity and decrease distraction by setting clear goals.
  • Position himself with a unique professional skillset and an original piece of research work about flow states for lawyers.

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Anne Hart

Anne is a coach, speaker and facilitator. She is the creator of transformational events — where revolutionary leaders and leading edge creators embody their next level success.

High Flow Coaching enabled her to

  • Study game-changing practices and methods for achieving flow states.
  • Uncover a new layer of personal authenticity that she now teaches to clients.
  • Live in flow on a daily basis which improved her overall life quality and professional advancement.
  • Expand her professional network through powerful community in the program.

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Oz Garcia

Oz Garcia is an author, nutritionist and lectures on progressive nutrition, slowing down the aging process, and bringing people to their highest level of well-being.

High Flow Coaching enabled him to

  • Gain a holistic perspective on well-being and performance.
  • Coach clients with science-backed methods.
  • Build community and gain friends with people that he not expected to be friends with.
  • Grow a network of flow enthusiasts that wants to utilize this knowledge to make an impact.

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Iosac Coleman

Iosac Coleman is a runner and self directed student.

High Flow Coaching enabled him to

  • Become a self mentor and create a strong foundation for his career.
  • Use practical tools to implement flow in his life.
  • Gain clarity through the scientific background provided.

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Raiza Sali

Raiza Sali is a management consultant for financial services and an ecstatic dance DJ.

High Flow Coaching enabled her to

  • Blend her knowledge and experience in leadership, embodiment and flow.
  • Work within a community and support network that shares powerful goals.
  • Understand how to create and leverage group flow within organizations.
  • Use scientific rigor to understand the why behind effective flow practices.

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Mitzi Kincaid

Mitzi Kincaid is passionate about inspiring lifelong learning and creating environments that allow learners to engage in growth-minded dialogue and activities within the exercise and sport science field.

High Flow Coaching enabled her to

  • Gain new knowledge around coaching for business.
  • Grow a community of likeminded people interested in science.
  • Set up her schedule and environment to support her biology and improve productivity.
  • Validate her background and experience and implement a deeper application than ever before.

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