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What is Flow for Writers

Flow for Writers is masterclass in wordsmithing, flow hacking and creativity turbo-boosting that will seriously level up your game. Check out the aftermovie from our last class:

Who is Flow for Writers for?

Serious writers—those who can’t make it through the day without putting words together in a straight line
Soon to be serious writers (of all stripes)—that could be blogging, journalism, novel-ism, screenwriting, copywriting, non-fiction book writing, or anything similar
Folks with a message to share—thought leaders, influencers, changemakers— anyone who wants to get their message out to the world in a clearer, bigger and better way
Aspiring authors—anyone who has a book inside them that needs to get out
All creatives—this class isn’t just for writers—if you’re a creative wanting to blow up your output and scale your impact Flow for Writers can help

Flow for writers will help if…

01. You're stuck, stumped and starting to seethe

02. You have no idea where to find groundbreaking insights when you need them most

03. You’re bashing into walls and never getting through

04. You know writing a book will take your business and impact to another level but don't know where to start

05. You get lost in the fixing to get ready phase and never down to business

06. You’d love to know the secrets to bestseller-dom
07. Your emotions keep getting in the way of your desired outcomes

08. Fear of failure keeps you from committing to projects; perfectionism keeps you from making your work public

09. You don’t actually believe flow or creativity is trainable

10. You lack a consistent and repeatable process that's guaranteed to produce the results you're after

What will I learn?

By the end of the bootcamp you’ll know:

The real secrets to writing a six figure book proposal (which no one will ever teach you because, honestly, the competition for those dollars is mega-fierce)
How to structure a daily writing session to produce flow (so that huge boost in creativity that comes with the state is present during work hours)
The business of building a bestseller (yes, bestsellers are built, disavow yourself the notion that this stuff just happens because you wrote a good book)
How to write a hell of a lot faster (that is, how to structure a writing session, layer a plot, feed the pattern recognition system, etc.)
How to steal a style to find your voice (and seriously and consistently up your wordsmithing game)
How to never (okay, almost never) suffer writer’s block
How to leverage biology to drive reader engagement (the real secret to writing anything that readers can’t put down)
How to navigate the crazy emotional turmoil writing often produces (the real secret to avoiding those steak knives)
How to learn anything (and then write about it)
The 80/20 secrets of killer punctuation (never make stupid grammar errors again)
The secrets to surviving writing success (which kills as many careers as failure) and a ton more….

Also, as Flow for Writers Alum you'll also be added to our highly-exclusive writers support group where you will gain on-going mentorship, accountability and peer to peer coaching to ensure all of what you learn sticks!

Why does Flow for Writers work?

Flow for Writers is the result of a synthesis of neuroscience, optimal psychology and experiential learning. When combined with Steven's 30+ years of experience as an award winning journalist, author and researcher it makes for a unique and ruthlessly effective combination.

The class is cutting edge, field tested and evidence based. Here's a glance at the research backing it up:

01. When in Flow, your creative problem solving abilities can spike by over 400 percent.
02. Heightened creativity produced by Flow can outlast the state by a day, sometimes two—suggesting that Flow actually trains the brain to think more creatively over the long haul.
03. Writers are more prone to depression than most people, but an understanding of the process can protect against this liability.
04. Creativity tops the list of 21st century skills—meaning those skills that are essential for thriving in the modern world—yet 75 percent of people think they’re not living up to their creative potential.
05. The baseline brainwave state produced by Flow is also the ready condition for “Ah-ha” insight, meaning being in the zone makes you primed for breakthrough insight.
06. Fear blocks creativity, while Flow resets the nervous system, calming us down so we can avoid burnout and gain access to much needed writing insight.
07. Unless you know how to train the brain properly, most people tap into their deepest creative potential at age 5.
Frustration is actually a built in component of the creative process—it’s a sign that you’re moving in the right direction not a sign that you’re going about it all wrong.
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How does the programme work?

Phase 01

The Craft of Wordsmithing

Here we cover the nuts and bolts of the craft of writing–getting into the nitty gritty and deploying live exercises to hone your skill set in real-time. Some of what you'll learn:
01. How to steal a style and find your voice
02. How to write in a way that leverages your reader's neurochemistry
03. The simple principles that consistently produce great writing
04. How to choose a topic for a book
05. How to consistently blast through writer's block

Phase 02

The Business of Writing

This portion covers the dirty truth about the world of publishing and book sales that you won’t find anywhere else. We peel back the curtain so you can learn everything from Steven’s 30+ years in the game, such as:
01. The full road map you need to build a bestseller (from acing interviews to selecting an agent)
02. Secrets to a six-figure book advance
03. How to spot (or create) a niche in the market
04. How to fully capitalize on your book launch (personally and financially)

Phase 03

The Science of Creativity

We breakdown the entire creative process so you know:
01. The neuroscience of creativity
02. How to make creativity into a tangible and trainable skill
03. What’s going on under the hood during your greatest creative moments (and how to cultivate them on demand)
04. The potential pitfalls of the creative personality—how to be your best when you’re at your worst

Phase 04


Here we’ll go through the entire Flow hacking process so you can gain a step-function increase in the frequency and intensity of your Flow states.
01. How to use flow to turbo-boost the writing process
02. How to leverage the flow cycle and flow triggers
03. Flow Genome Matrix Training Suite™
04. How to build a routine that maximises flow

Phase 05

Integration & Accountability

We want to avoid a "one and done contact high" at all costs. The point of all this is that it sticks and makes a real and lasting change. To integrate learnings you will:
01. Become a member of our exclusive online community (for accountability, continued feedback and ongoing support)
02. Learn key exercises, habits and hacks to ingrain the material
03. Be assigned a writing buddy from the group to learn and push one another
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What Others Say About Our Work

Nichol Bradford

Executive Director & Co-Founder of the Transformative Lab & Conference
"When you get into Flow you’re more creative, you draw more conclusions between things, you see patterns that you wouldn’t otherwise see. To be able to harness that and to be able to do it reliably and predictably around the writing of a book, which is a major endeavour. He has basically given me more of my life back."

Charles D Lightfoot

Firefighter & CEO of Firebrand Media Group
"Steven shows us the systems we can go through to get into Flow, to sustain Flow, to recover from Flow. He also gave us the low-down and dirty on how to be a creative professionally. The systems and routines you should implement in your life to be successful. I got exactly what I hoped to get out of the class."

Oz Garcia

President & CEO, Oz Wellness
"Steven must have been in Flow himself up there! He didn’t stop, he was relentless. What I would tell a friend is that this is probably one of the best courses I’ve ever done. The material was really quite remarkable, stuff that I can apply immediately. I’ve already started applying it today!"

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