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What was blocking others from flow?


Deandre found out that overwhelm was his kryptonite. He just had way too much going on and couldn’t cope. We helped him streamline his life and launch back into flow.


Lisa didn’t know where she wanted to go—or how to get there. Clarity was her problem. We got her unstuck and back into flow.


Brian’s problem was simple. He was exhausted all the time. That was stopping him from plunging into flow. We fixed his sleep and now he’s killing it!


Julietta couldn’t sit still and focus for more than ten minutes. That was destroying any possibility she had of dropping into flow.

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But why does getting into flow even matter?

  • Flow is technically defined as an optimal state of consciousness. A state where you feel your best and perform your best. You may have referred to it as “getting in the zone”.

  • It describes those moments of rapt attention and total absorption where you get so focused on the task at hand that all else melts away. Action and awareness merge. Your sense of self vanishes. Your sense of time distorts. Hours will fly by in what feels like minutes! Throughout a flow state, performance, both mental and physical go through the roof.

  • Here’s a look a glance at the research on the performance enhancing benefits of being in a flow state:


Increase in executives
- McKinsey.


of heightened creativity
after the flow state
- Harvard


Faster skill
- Advanced Brain
Monitoring & DARPA


Increase in creative
problem solving
- University of Sydney

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