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What People Say About Us

"Steven is the foremost thinker that I pay attention to when I’m trying to learn how to do my best work. He is the author I’ve read more of than any other over the last five years."

- Vishen Lakhiani, Founder, CEO of Mindvalley and Author of NYT bestseller
"For me this was an existential instructional manual. It’s amazing the things I learned. The training lets you peek behind the curtain to show you the guts of what it means to be a peak-performer. If I had taken this workshop ten years ago, it would have saved me so much time, and money, and pain and aggravation. I’m pissed I didn’t do this earlier!"

- Tucker Max, 4 x NYT Bestselling Author & CEO of Book In A Box
"I’ve I wish I had done this earlier as things would have gone even better and been a lot more successful!"

- Kristen Ulmer, Fear Specialist & Former Professional Extreme Skier
"What I would tell a friend is that this is probably one of the best courses I’ve ever done. The material was really quite remarkable, stuff that I can apply immediately. I’ve already started applying it today!"

- Oz Garcia, President & CEO, Oz Wellness
"When you get into Flow you’re more creative, you draw more conclusions between things, you see patterns that you wouldn’t otherwise see. To be able to harness that and to be able to do it reliably and predictably is massive. He has basically given me more of my life back."

- Nichol Bradford, Executive Director & Co-Founder of the Transformative Lab & Conference
"Steven shows us the systems we can go through to get into Flow, to sustain Flow, to recover from Flow. The systems and routines you should implement in your life to be successful. I got exactly what I hoped and lots more."

-Charles D Lightfoot, Firefighter & CEO of Firebrand Media Group

What Others Say About Our Thought Leadership

"A visionary roadmap for people who believe they can change the world"

- Bill Clinton, CEO, Former U.S. President
"Inspiring, filled with incredible insights... a practical how-to game-plan for going big and impacting the world."

- Michael S. Dell, CEO, Dell Computers
"Essential for anyone looking for a better tomorrow."

- Elon Musk, Technology Entrepreneur, Investor, and Engineer
"A reminder of the infinite possibilities for doing good when we tap into our own empathy and wisdom."

- Arianna Huffington, CEO, The Huffington Post
"A game-changing account of the secrets of ultimate human performance-a must for anyone interested in seriously raising the level of their game."

- Ray Kurzweil, Director Of Engineering At Google, Author of How to Create a Mind & The Singularity Is Near
"Steven and Jaime have done a wonderful job of balancing the promises, perils and how to prescriptions of engineering peak states such as flow."

- Tim Ferriss, Angel investor, Entrepreneur, Author of The 4-Hour Workweek
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