Stalking the impossible

Written by
Steven Kotler

Stalking the impossible

Written by
Steven Kotler

Stalking the impossible

Written by
Steven Kotler

Our lives are nothing more than what we make of them—that’s the flat truth of the Matter.

Personally, I am incredibly fond of the flat truth of the matter. 

I think of it as the Great Dull Scorecard—the GDS.

The GDS is the sum total of a very simple math: What did I do yesterday? What did I do today?

This calculation is the real us, the no bullshit us, days into weeks into years into decades into destinies, because, as Anne Dillard reminds us:

“How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.”

I mention all of this as a way of saying, yes, the flat truth of the matter is that I wrote another book.

The Art of Impossible: A Peak Performance Primer—this is the new book. 

It's available for pre-order today. 

And the title? 

It’s not an exaggeration.

What does it take to accomplish the impossible? 

That’s the question at the center of my new book.

It’s an exploration of what it takes to shatter our limitations, exceed our expectations and turn our biggest dreams into our most recent achievements. 

And when I say, “what does it take,” I’m not being theoretical. 

I mean, “what does it take?” step-by-step-by-step.

The Art of Impossible is exactly that—it’s a practical playbook for peak performance.

It’s also the end result of three decades of studying those moments in time when the impossible became possible. 

Game-changing breakthroughs, paradigm-shifting discoveries, nothing-is-ever-the-same again feats.

During this period, to answer this question, I worked with elite performers in dozens of domains.

Sport and science, art and culture, technology and business. 

Using the tools of psychology and neuroscience to work backwards to the pragmatic reality of how they pulled off the impossible.

Everything I learned over this period has been systematized into an easy-to-follow, how-to format that you can use to significantly improve your life and performance.

Even better,  if you pre-order The Art of Impossible today, you’ll get over $1,500 of seriously badass peak performance tools and trainings (and some extra goodies because, well, that’s just how we roll):

  1. Distraction Disruptor — An online training designed to help you minimize distraction and maximize flow. ($400 value)
  2. “The Lost Content” PDF — A batch of secret chapters and lost research that didn’t make it into the final versions of The Art of Impossible and The Rise of Superman. It also includes the story of Dangerous Dan—enough said. ($300 value)
  3. “Action Sports Behind The Impossible” Live Chat — Join me, ski legend Chris Davenport, “Queen of Pain” endurance-sport 7 x world champion, Rebecca Rausch, surf legend Chris Malloy, former ESPN editor Micah Abrams and for a 90 minute discussion of  exactly what it takes to redefine the limits of human possibility.
  4. Impossible Goal Setting Masterclass — Stop falling short of your goals, start leveling up your game. This mini-masterclass gives you everything you need to make 2021 your best year yet  ($400 Value). 

All of this will be dropped into your inbox when you pre-order The Art of Impossible today. 

I hope you dig the prizes. We worked hard to try to make them great. It’s my way of saying thank you for all the support you’ve given my books over the years.

Pre-order a copy of the Art of Impossible here. 

All the best, 

Steven Kotler

P.S. We’re changing up the bonuses right after the pre-order period ends. To be sure you get them while they’re available, pre-order right now.  

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