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Tamara Lechner is an expert in the field of performance and wellbeing science, as well as individual and cultural change. Her coaching approach helps individuals unlock their full potential by identifying and addressing limiting beliefs, while leveraging strengths and simple strategies for scalable growth. Tamara's superpower lies in leading clients through an authentic change process that aligns actions with their values, resulting in
fast and lasting results.

Her passion for understanding what sets highly productive, happy, and fulfilled individuals apart led her to collaborate with world leaders in the fields of contextual wellbeing, psychological health and safety, mindfulness, and habit formation. As part of the Harvard Programme for Human Flourishing community, Tamara focuses on the future of education and work, and measurement of human flourishing. She has a diverse global network of clients from over 30 countries.

Tamara is a sought-after writer, speaker, and teacher on proactive science-based strategies, mindfulness, and learned optimism. She has extensive experience and interest in areas such as dance choreography, autism, positive technology use, and the role of diet and microbiomes in priming the body for peak performance. Her book, The Happiness Reset: What to do When Nothing Makes You Happy, offers an evidence-based positive psychology intervention for each day of the week, providing readers with happiness habits to incorporate into their daily routine. Tamara firmly believes that happiness is a choice, not a chance occurrence.

When not pursuing her own peak performance or spending time with her husband and four children, Tamara enjoys hiking with her Corgi, snorkeling, practicing yoga, playing tennis, meditating, or organizing a salon or dance party with friends.

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