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Heidi Williams

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October of 2012 I experienced a life shattering trauma resulting in debilitating PTSD for 18 months. The day after a suicide attempt, I wound up in a yoga class.  By the end of the class I had forgotten about the monster that had inhabited my body for the past 6 months. Yoga gave me a safe place during the PTSD hell that came to an abrupt end when I unknowingly tapped into a macro flow state that dissolved my trigger within 2 hours. The trauma was gone as fast as it had come. This was my introduction to flow and the start of a somewhat obsessive and definitely bizarre search for the answers to 2 questions: 1- What the hell happened during that magical event? And 2- Was it recreatable?

There were two major turning points in my journey. The first was when I came across the work of Bessel van Der Kolk and the neurobiology of trauma. The second was coming across Steven's work and the neurobiology of flow. Finding the language of neuroscience to explain the human experience in all of its extremes felt like coming home. It sparked an interest that has turned into a full blown love affair with the human nervous system. I now teach yoga as a method to soothe the nervous system after trauma and continue to research and fall in love with the connection between trauma and flow.

Primary Flow Activities:


-Making interesting lines with my body and photographing it




Favourite Books:

The Graveyard book — Neil Gaiman

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes — Arthur Conan Doyle

The Rise of Superman — Steven Kotler

The Prefrontal Cortex — Joaquin Fuster

The Body Keeps The Score — Bessel Van der kolk

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