Glenn Fox


Glenn Fox

Key Facts

Head of Design, Strategy and Outreach, USC Performance Science Institute


Dr. Glenn Fox is the Head of Program Design, Strategy, and Outreach at the USC Performance Science Institute.  A neuroscientist by training, he began at USC working as a research assistant in the Brain and Creativity Institute, after which he went on to earn his PhD in the Neuroscience Graduate Program at USC and complete a post-doctoral fellowship with Professors Hanna and Antonio Damasio. Glenn is at the forefront of research on gratitude and human performance.  His work is among the first to use functional brain imaging to reveal how gratitude works in the brain.  The research has won awards from the Greater Good Science Center, the Oskar Schindler Humanities Foundation and the Shoah Foundation Institute.  In addition, he has published research on the brain bases of empathy and brain development in adolescents.  

Glenn received his Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from the University of California, Santa Cruz.  Following his undergraduate training he held positions at the Salk Institute and Stanford University, where he studied brain development, language, and reading.  A formally trained mechanic, in his spare time he restores cars and enjoys woodworking.  You can view more of his hobbies and thoughts in action at, or follow him on Twitter @glennrfox.

Primary Flow Activities:

-Automotive Restoration

-Wood working


-Bike riding

Favourite Books:

Dune — Frank Herbert

The Glass Bead Game — Herman Hesse

Become What You Are — Alan Watts

Nothing Special — Charlotte Joko Beck

Truck — John Jerome

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