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Dr. CK Bray

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Dr. CK Bray is a cognitive-behavioral researcher, speaker, coach, and author. He specializes in human performance and potential and personal and workplace change and adaptation. Dr. Bray has worked with over 1,500 individuals in helping them attain peak performance and the ability to thrive through difficulties. He brings a wealth of knowledge from more than 20 years of academic research, teaching, and consulting. Dr. Bray has a Ph.D. in Organizational Development and Learning. In addition, he has a second Ph.D. in Industrial-Organizational Psychology with an emphasis on brain health and optimization (ABD). Dr. Bray also has an MBA.  

Dr. Bray’s first book, “Best Job Ever,” was a USA Today bestseller. His second book, “How to Raise Remarkable Kids Without Talking to Them:  A Daily Dose of Great Parenting,” was recently released in December 2021.

Dr. Bray resides in Arizona with his wife and six children. He is an ice cream connoisseur, pickleball fanatic, and ten years (8,000 hours) away from being a concert pianist.

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