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Dr. Chris Bertram

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Dr. Chris Bertram is an Associate Professor at the University of the Fraser Valley (UFV) in British Columbia, Canada. Dr. Bertram specializes in how human beings learn, and specifically how to create more optimized learning environments that lead to the ultimate goal of stress-resistant performance.

Dr. Bertram served for 10 years as Director of the Human Performance Centre at UFV. His research and teaching focus is in the area of skill acquisition with an emphasis on the nature of expertise and elite-level performance. Dr. Bertram has published numerous scientific articles across the spectrum of human performance, and has been featured in the Globe and Mail, The Vancouver Sun, the New York Times as well on the Golf Channel.

Dr. Bertram’s consulting work encompassing a wide array high-performing individuals including PGA Tour winners, collegiate National Champions, Olympic Champions, XGames Champions, as well as corporate leaders of Fortune 500 companies. In his role as Skill Acquisition Lead and Flow Coach with Canada Snowboard, he works regularly with Canada’s National Slope Style and Big Air athletes and coaches on strategies for optimizing learning and performance by tapping into flow states.

Dr. Bertram also conducts workshops for a number of national teams through Canada’s Own the Podium program. Dr. Bertram earned a Ph.D. from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, British Columbia and completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Arizona State University.

Primary Flow Activities:





-Music at all times

Favourite Books:

Rise of Superman (obviously) — Steven Kotler

A Short History of Nearly Everything — Bill Bryson

Why We Sleep — Matthew Walker

Awakenings — Oliver Sacks

How to Change Your Mind — Michael Pollen

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