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Dr. Carol Grojean

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Carol Grojean, Ph.D. is a social systems scientist leading organizational & leadership transformation towards unlocking the human potential in us all. Working internationally, Dr. Grojean guides whole system shifts through building self-authored, adaptive leaders passionate about enabling creativity and peak performance for cultural regeneration.

Dr. Grojean has an extensive organizational project, process, and technology management skillset built on 3 Master degrees and a Ph.D. in Organizational Systems: Leadership and Cultural Transformation – spending over 20 years leading large, complex, organizational, and culture change at Microsoft, most recently in the cloud and quantum computing organization. Additionally, Dr. Grojean has extensive training and certifications in fields ranging from strategy planning and organizational design, to leadership development and rite of passage guiding, to lean, scrum, six sigma, and more.

When not coaching, Dr. Grojean’s time is split between executive director for a land trust in Botswana working with a tribe of Kalahari bushmen and COO of a tech company startup with the goal of connecting people and nature for greater well-being worldwide. Additionally, Dr. Grojean serves on the board at Pacifica in their new Academy of Imaginal Arts & Sciences Research Center focused on AI/VR/mixed realities and the arts, screen-mind merger and its behavioral modalities & psychology, deep ecology, and how the tech world can learn and benefit from the often unheard voices expressed in indigenous cosmologies and will be a teaching fellow for graduate students.

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