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Andrea Karam

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Passionate about the mind, peak performance & questions about human potential, meaning, happiness, fulfillment, creativity, leadership & connection, Andrea completed her B.A.&Sc. in Cognitive Science at McGill University with a focus in Neuroscience and Psychology.
She worked with multiple start-ups, groups & organizations growing teams, managing communities, organizing events & building products around the fields of mental/physical health, mindfulness, personal growth, entrepreneurship & innovation.

She is fascinated by the science, application & experience of flow state & excited about the tremendous impact coaching people to spend most of their lives in flow will have, & what it will mean for the future of human potential.

Andrea loves traveling around the world, spontaneous adventures, dancing, taking fabulous photography, yoga, spending time by the ocean & in nature, creating deep meaningful connections & share her love, awe, wonder & appreciation for life.

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