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Amy’s high-performance coaching is known for an intense spirit of tenacity, love, and empowerment. Her coaching focuses on cultivating a world-class mindset and supporting disciplines, along with relational and emotional intelligence. She tactically focuses on creating strategies for growth and greatness in these areas. Her brilliance lies in leading people through the change process toward their highest principles from the inside out. 

Amy has launched four successful companies, spoken on various stages across the U.S. as well as coached and consulted dozens of other CEOs and entrepreneurs on ‘besting’ their own peak performance. Many high achievers become complacent and bored because they compare themselves to others and perceive they are at the top of their game. Meanwhile, these peak performers are playing small and they know it in their gut.  Realizing this truth through Amy's coaching has helped catapult high achievers out of their complacency.  She has created multiple coaching curricula to train other coaches as she understands the importance of the systems utilized by peak performers. Amy believes it is the habitual rhythms of life that create the opportunity for our greatest successes, or failures. Every piece of her life’s work centers around uncovering and maximizing human potential to the highest level. You'll find Amy moving people toward their life's masterpiece in every interaction within her container of trust and safety. 

Her loves and lights are Chris and two beautiful girls, Penelope and Zo. When she’s not refining her own peak performance practices or spending time with family, you’ll find her reading, working out, enjoying the outdoors, doing yoga, deep in prayer or meditation, or drinking a glorious cup of tea.

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