Adolfo Caballero


Adolfo Caballero

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Adolfo is a Mexican entrepreneur and flow nerd. He has a B.S. in Innovation and Development Engineering, Minor in Neurosciences, and Research and Innovation Modality.

His ambition is to create better tools for mental health. He is the team leader for the project "VR Technology for Social Anxiety Disorder", in trial phase at Zambrano Hellion Hospital in Monterrey, Mexico.

He's also the co-founder and CTIO at Wiz.Coach, a platform aiming to develop fulfilled personnel in the workplace, and in consequence greater business results within Latin American companies.

He describes himself as a human being hungry for knowledge, and fully committed to bold ideas, that works with passion, and really loves to share the wonder and excitement life offers us. A seeker of a better tomorrow, and wants to help improve it exponentially.

His main influencers for learning, and enhancing human potential are Steven Kotler, Alain de Botton, Jason Silva and Gary Vaynerchuk.

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