How to Master The Art of Lifelong Elite Performance

Rebecca Rusch
by Flow Research Collective
August 1, 2023
"My mind has control of how I respond to things. I can respond to that nervous energy at the start line or I can have the anticipation of 'this is exciting' and reframe that conversation in that way." ~ Rebecca Rusch
Rebecca Rusch


Rebecca Rusch is the “Queen of Pain” with a heart of gold. Whether she is on a cycling expedition in a remote part of the world or teaching others at her namesake gravel bike academy in Idaho, she inspires people to be their best with energy, positivity and passion.

A 7x-world champion and celebrity in the ultra adventure/endurance realm for nearly 3 decades, elected to the prestigious international Mountain Bike Hall Of Fame, her status as a fierce competitor and inclusive influencer motivates millions. Recognized by Outside Magazine among the Top 40 Women Who’ve Made the Biggest Impact, and by Men’s Journal with the 25 Most Adventurous Women, she’s a maverick characterized by her grit, determination, and perseverance.

Known for seeking the toughest challenges imaginable, pushing herself into unknown territory has yielded Rebecca a first female ascent on Yosemite’s 3000-ft. El Capitan Bermuda Dunes route, a first descent river boarding 300 miles of the entire Grand Canyon in 18 winter days.

On two wheels, she is the only female competitor to win the iconic Leadville 100 four times and has won the renowned Unbound gravel grinder in 6 of 7 attempts (including the notoriously demanding 350-mile XL). She is a two time, first female finisher at the Iditarod Trail Invitational, pedaling 350 self-supported miles through the Alaskan wilderness.  Most recently she completed a previously unattempted North to South route traversing Iceland in winter by fatback alongside Chris Burkard and Angus Morton.

She led a charitable cycling expedition up and down Mt. Kilimanjaro, and perhaps most notably, was the first person to ride the entire 1,200-mile length of the Ho Chi Minh Trail, documented in the Emmy-winning film, Blood Road.

Even with all of these accolades under her belt, her inimitable brand and redoubtable resumé continue to expand. Combining ongoing athletic pursuits with entrepreneurial endeavors as CEO of Rusch Ventures, she oversees an impactful network of events, products, and experiences designed to elevate possibilities for people and their bikes.

Whether through print like in her best-selling autobiography Rusch to Glory, or on the trail, via her popular digital platforms or even as a highly requested keynote speaker, Rebecca inspires and emboldens countless fans. Her marquee event, Rebecca's Private Idaho, is ranked a top 5 gravel event by Global Cycling Network, and one of the top 25 rides in the world by Outside magazine. Her Rusch Academy full-spectrum cycling retreats boost skills, confidence and performance and her MTB Lao adventure travel excursions expresses Rebecca’s desire to use the bike as a catalyst for healing, empowerment and evolution.

Above all else she is the proud founder of the Be Good Foundation. Established in memory of her father, Rebecca’s Be Good Foundation focuses on UXO mitigation in Lao, protecting public lands for recreation, and partnering with bike-centric nonprofits to fund meaningful change. To date, her efforts have raised over a half-million dollars in support of select nonprofits.


Steven Kotler: Steven Kotler is a New York Times bestselling author, an award-winning journalist, and the Executive Director of the Flow Research Collective. He is one of the world’s leading experts on human performance.

He is the author of nine bestsellers (out of thirteen books) and has appeared in over 100 publications, including the New York Times Magazine, Wired, Atlantic Monthly, Wall Street Journal, TIME and the Harvard Business Review.

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