The Dangers Of Having A Passion & Purpose

Dr. Nick Holton
by Flow Research Collective
August 1, 2023
"Flow is so badass, so addictive, so interesting...That people want more and more of it...and sometimes the hard part is turning it off or saying no." - Dr. Nick Holton
Dr. Nick Holton


Dr. Nick Holton is an international speaker, consultant, trainer and coach in the science and art of human flourishing. The harmonious combination of actualizing peak potential and experiencing a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. Nick coaches and trains executives, elite athletes and professional competitors in empirically backed strategies for peak performance and well-being; taught in practical, “real-life”, context specific ways. He also teaches private classes to actors and directors in Los Angeles, business groups, NCAA athletic programs and educational leadership teams that are looking to find ways to improve both performance and well-being for themselves or others.

Nick operates and coaches from the perspective offered by the famous quote from humanistic psychologist Abraham Maslow, that “the story of human beings is the story of people selling themselves short”.

Dr. Holton’s approach to coaching is informed by principles of learning theory, humanistic psychology, motivational theory and interviewing, positive psychology coaching, cognitive behavioral skills and context-specific application. He enjoys getting to know his clients, their specific needs and desires and working collaboratively with each of them to structure sessions and a plan that makes the most sense of them and their goals. Nick’s clients tend to be individuals or groups who are looking to ensure they aren’t selling themselves short, but instead are creating lives of passion, motivation, purpose and fulfillment.

Dr. Holton holds a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology, currently reviews manuscripts for the Journal of Happiness Studies. Over the course of the past seven years spent working in the field, Nick has published various articles, book chapters, op-eds as well as given talks and keynotes on topics related to optimal human functioning. This work has taken place throughout the United States, Mexico, Europe, the Middle East and India and has been featured most recently in Fast Company. He currently serves as the Associate Director of Positive Education at the Shipley School in addition to running his own coaching, consulting and speaking business, Eudaimonics. A reference to Nick’s interest in eudaimonia, the sense of happiness or satisfaction achieved through the cultivation of our self in order to serve or contribute to the greater good.


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