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Amrit Sandhu, Angie Carrillo, Audrey Meyer, Chris Cochran, Jake Heilbrunn, Josh Gryniewicz, Lisa Buyer, Marita Espada, Matthew Confer, Namish Kaistha, Ollie Henderson, Ross Thornley
by Flow Research Collective
August 1, 2023
"People get at the top of their game because they felt the fear and did it anyway." ~Steven Kotler 
Amrit Sandhu, Angie Carrillo, Audrey Meyer, Chris Cochran, Jake Heilbrunn, Josh Gryniewicz, Lisa Buyer, Marita Espada, Matthew Confer, Namish Kaistha, Ollie Henderson, Ross Thornley


In this episode, you will learn about:

  • Impossible with “I” vs. Impossible with “i” (3:44)
  • Performing like a pro to avoid burnout (6:33)
  • Early-stage vs. Late-stage passion (8:54)
  • The biggest problem with early-stage passion (9:56)
  • Views on life after COVID (12:16)
  • The eureka moment behind The Art of Impossible (18:06)
  • How to develop confidence (22:32)
  • The female body during the flow cycle (31:13)
  • Narratives for cultural change (36:20)
  • Sleep & Peak performance (41:14)
  • Do we need to be open to experience a flow state? (47:21)
  • Micro & Marco states of Flow (51:45)
  • Why not going big is bad for us (55:05)
  • Flow & CBD (58:30)
  • Flow & The immune system (1:03.42)
  • Flow, purpose, and passion (1:05:27)
  • The importance of declaring victories (1:08:00)
  • Flow and mental state depression (1:18:30)


Amrit Sandhu: Awarded international speaker and acclaimed global coach. He is the founder of the Inspired Evolution and host of the prominent Inspired Evolution Podcast

Angie Carrillo: Serial entrepreneur, investor, and content creator.

Audrey Meyer: Professional Ocean Sports & Fitness Athlete ambassador for O'Neill and Maui Jim. Audrey started the Dare2fly Kiteboarding school on the North Shore of the Dominican Republic in 2001 and ran it for 16 years while competing on the PKRA (Professional Kite Rider Association) World Tour.

Chris Cochran: Former active duty US Marine Intelligence. He currently leads threat intelligence for a premier entertainment company in Silicon Valley. Cochran has dedicated his career to building advanced cybersecurity and intelligence capabilities for national-level governments and the private sector.

Jake Heilbrunn: 24-year-old author, TEDx speaker and podcast host who loves exploring the underlying themes of fascinating people and movements. 

Josh Gryniewicz: Co-host of Story Matters, a podcast about the use of story for social change and the power of narrative to shape culture, especially during times of crisis.

Lisa Buyer: Subject matter expert on how to blend PR, SEO, and Social Media and a speaker for more than 10 years educating brands and marketers on the secrets of getting publicity and exposure using search and social. Lisa is the author of her latest book Digital Detox Secrets in addition to Social PR Secrets in its 4th edition.

Matthew Confer: Matt Confer is vice president of strategy at Abilitie, a provider of simulation-based manager and executive development training for more than 50 members of the Fortune 500 in 30-plus countries around the world. He has facilitated more than 20 simulation-based training events with leaders in Dubai, Bangkok, Mexico City, Paris, Mumbai, and across the United States.

Marita Espada: Marita is the host of the Turning Point Podcast. After many years of dealing with severe ADHD and several near-death experiences, this ex-adrenaline seeker found mental clarity in meditation. By obtaining training to become a meditation coach and completing retreats with Kamala Masters, Steve Armstrong, Joseph Goldstein among others. She makes the practice accessible and practical for all.

Namish Kaistha: An active member in Youth and Government and holds an executive position in Neuqua Interact. He also is a flutist in the Neuqua Valley Wind Ensemble and the Drum Major of the Marching Wildcats. He occasionally enjoys working with other political organizations to strengthen our democracy.

Ollie Henderson: Presenter of Take My Advice (I'm Not Using It), a podcast that explores how to separate the good advice from the bad, and why the right thinking can help you design a work/life that will serve you well in our fast-evolving world.

Ross Thornley: Serial entrepreneur transforming the future of learning and mental health with his work on adaptability, author, CEO and host of DECODING AQ podcast.


Amrit Sandhu:

Angie Carrillo: 

Audrey Meyer

Chris Cochran:

Josh Gryniewicz:

Jake Heilbrunn:

Lisa Buyer:

Marita Espada

Matthew Confer:

Namish Kaistha

Ollie Henderson

Ross Thornley

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