Uncovering Peak Performance and Maximizing Human Potential

Dr. Michael Gervais
by Flow Research Collective
August 1, 2023
Confidence, focus, trust, these are all psychological skills. They can be developed just like any ability, and you can do it in sets and reps.
Dr. Michael Gervais

In this episode, we're joined by Dr. Michael Gervais. 

Dr. Gervais is a high-performance psychologist whose client roster includes sports MVPs, internationally acclaimed artists, and Fortune 100 CEOs. 

Mike is also the co-founder of Compete to Create which has built a framework to enhance high-performance cultures by focusing on mindset training for individuals. 

You've likely come across his killer podcast Finding Mastery and you may know him as the Seattle Seahawks infamous mindset coach.

In this episode with Mike, he highlights the mindset needed to harness pain for your benefit so you can break through to the next level.

We discuss what "reaching your potential" actually means, from a scientific standpoint.

Mike also breaks down how to discover your personal philosophy and use that to steer your life in the right direction. It’s a killer episode, and Mike’s eloquence and nuance always blows me away. 


In this episode, you will learn about:

  • Warriors Edge (6:25)
  • Identifying neurochemicals in your body (11:57) 
  • Pre-performance rituals (15:15)
  • The 3 levels of happiness (24:29)
  • What is a philosophy (25:57)
  • Personal philosophy (27:56)
  • How to set up your personal philosophy (29:45)
  • Philosophy, mission, purpose & vision (33:03)
  • Positive thinking (37:17)
  • Language is a framing function (38:55)
  • The difference between locus of control and a mindset (40:30)
  • How to regain optimism (45:40)
  • The upside of optimism (47:10)
  • Mental toughness (48:55)
  • Confidence on your one success (53:04)
  • Emergent property of mastery (57:36)
  • Psychological practices (01:01:27)


Gervais is a high performance psychologist working in the trenches of high-stakes environments with some of the best in the world, training the mindset skills and practices essential to pursuing and revealing one’s potential. His clients include world record holders, Olympians, internationally acclaimed artists and musicians, MVPs from every major sport and Fortune 100 CEOs.

A published, peer-reviewed author and recognized speaker on optimal human performance, Dr. Gervais has been featured by NBC, ABC, FOX, CNN, ESPN, NFL Network, Red Bull TV, The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Outside Magazine, WIRED, ESPN Magazine and others.

He is the co-founder of Compete to Create, a digital platform business helping people become their best through mindset training. The firm works with a limited portfolio of Fortune 500 companies and leaders to switch on culture and individuals through high performance mindset training and coachin


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