What is the Flow Research Collective & Who is Steven Kotler?

Steven Kotler
by Flow Research Collective
August 1, 2023
We are all capable of so much more than we know. Human capability is an emerging property and it only emerges by pushing our skills and our states to the edge.
Steven Kotler

About the episode

This is the first episode of Flow Research Collective Radio where we introduce our organization as well as Executive Director, Steven Kotler.

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • The mission of the Flow Research Collective: Decoding the neuroscience of flow (1:35) and understanding what makes people perform at their best (06:20)
  • Why understanding the neurobiology made training flow much more practical (4:05)
  • Why we don’t want to rely on technology or substances to drive us into flow (04:50)
  • The difference between peak performance and flow (07:10)
  • Why you want to train states and not skills (08:55)
  • Flow is what happens when all of your trained up skills come together at once (11:15)
  • How Steven got into action sports and flow (19:10)
  • Why we use science to talk about flow (24:30)
  • The feeling of oneness in flow (24:20)
  • The mentors that inspired Steven (37:05)
  • The lineage of peak performance researchers (40:00)
  • Demystifying passion and purpose (42:00)
  • Can we solve the greatest challenges of today’s world? (48:30)
  • We are all capable of some much more than we know (52:10)

About the guest

The Flow Research Collective is a research and training organization. Our mission: understand the science behind ultimate human performance and use it to train up individuals and organizations.

Steven Kotler is a New York Times bestselling author and an award-winning journalist. As the Executive Director at the Flow Research Collective, he is one of the world’s leading experts on high performance.

His book, The Rise of Superman, was one of the most talked about books in 2013 and the first book in history to land on the New York Times bestseller lists in the sports, science, psychology, and business categories simultaneously. In Rise, Steven decodes the science of flow, an optimal state of consciousness where we feel our best and perform our best.


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