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What Others Say About Our Thought Leadership

Elon Musk

CEO, SpaceX, Tesla Motors, Founder of PayPal
“Diamandis and Kotler do a masterful job of explaining why we are at the start of a new era of radically increasing standards of living throughout the world. Abundance is essential reading for anyone looking for a better tomorrow.”

The Washington Post

The Washington Post
“Kotler focuses on extreme sports for good reason. These athletes face a constant choice, “flow or die,” and his book contains some compelling characters…Flow is rooted in the brain, and Kotler does a good job of explaining that science.”

Ray Kurzweil

Inventor, author and futurist, author of The Singularity is Near
“This brilliant must-read book provides the key to the coming era of abundance replacing eons of scarcity, a powerful antidote to today’s malaise and pessimism.”

Neil Strauss

New York Times best-selling author of The Game and The Truth
“Meticulously researched and innovatively conceptualized, Stealing Fire is not just a bible for the second psychedelic revolution (drugs not required), but a manual to getting more: out of your body, your mind, and your happiness.”

Cdr. Mark Divine (USN Ret.)

New York Times best selling author, founder SEALFIT and Unbeatable Mind
“Stealing Fire cracks the secret code of peak performance so that ordinary people can achieve extraordinary results.”

Stewart Brand

Author, Whole Earth Discipline
“Comprehensively sampled here are a hell of a lot of the profound innovations going on to improve the human condition. Every breakthrough helps empower others, and so they aggregate into a trend you can count on.”

Michael S. Dell

CEO, Dell Computers
"Inspiring, filled with incredible insights... a practical how-to game-plan for going big and impacting the world."

Joshua Klein

Hacker, Host of National Geographic’s The Link, Author, and Consultant
"Some books give you a peek into what the future may hold, but Last Tango holds you down, tapes your eyes open, and blasts the doors off. More fun than used to be legal in many states.”

R.U. Sirius

Writer, editor, talk show host, musician, and co-founder of Mondo 2000
“With a sharp cyberpunk mind and an empaths’ soul, Last Tango gives us a believable near-future and a story you won’t be able to stop reading. I inhaled in one gulp. Bravo!”

Ramez Naam

Philip K Dick Award-winning author
“Dazzling! A luminous, diamond-bright thriller of the near future. Sparkling with empathy, packed with wit, and overflowing with catch-your-breath insights into the human condition. I wish I’d written this myself.”

Salim Ismail

Founding executive director of Singularity University and bestelling author of Exponential Organizations
"Stealing Fire lays out exactly how to hack the brain—it’s an inflection point in our understanding of the human condition. Kotler and Wheal have taken a major bite out of the unknown. If you’re at all interested in knowing how your mind works, this is imperative reading!”

Andrew Newberg

MD., Director of research Myrna Brind Center for Integrative Medicine and author How Enlightenment Changes Your Brain
"Stealing Fire is a fantastic book about the future of humanity and everything that we can become. Based on incredible stories and cutting edge data, it reveals how our brain and body can be optimized to its greatest potential."

Bill Clinton

CEO, Former U.S. President
"A visionary roadmap for people who believe they can change the world"

David Eagleman

Stanford University neuroscientist, New York Times bestselling author, presenter of PBS’s The Brain
“It’s difficult to think of a writer more invigorating and tuned-in than Kotler. Tomorrowland is like taking a shot of caffeine. It allows you to see into the future and to realize that you’re already there.”

Peter Diamandis

Founder of the X Prize, co-chairman of Singularity University, New York Times bestselling author
“Stealing Fire is a beautifully written, must-read for anyone interested in living up to their full potential. Kotler and Wheal have produced a user-manual for your hacking your brain to drive high performance.”

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